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Adoption of Piazza Dante as a Millennium Project
By Angelo Filoso
On May 18, the Preston Street Business Improvement Association (BIA) and the Italian-Canadian Community Centre of the National Capital Region (ICCC) adopted Piazza Dante. The agreement was made with the City of Ottawa who owns and maintains the piazza, which is located at the corner of Booth and Gladstone beside St. Anthony’s Church.

In 1967, Piazza Dante was funded and constructed by the provincial and municipal governments together with the Italian Canadian Business and Professional Men’s Association led by Mr. Italo Tiezzi. It was one of the projects dedicated to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday.

Until May 2000, the ICCC never officially signed any agreement to adopt the piazza. As part of the new arrangement, the partners have agreed to adopt the piazza for a minimum period of two years.

The Adopt a Park Program would include planting flowers, painting park furniture, and inspecting the park to make sure equipment is safe and there is no vandalism.

The children of St. Anthony’s School enjoy the piazza.

Community members have already started to use Piazza Dante on a more regular basis. The piazza is now an example of how caring for our environment and working together can bring pride to our community.

Representatives of the cooperating partners. Left to right: Angelo Filoso (ICCC); Peter Scott (St. Anthony’s Church); Mario Giannetti (BIA); and, City Councillor Elizabeth Arnold.
Volunteers Rina Filoso (left) and Elvira Citro tend the gardens of Piazza Dante.

This article was originally published in the November 2000 issue of Il Postino. Since then, the community has continued to enjoy the tranquil sanctuary that is Piazza Dante.

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